Charlie Sheen Sends Well Wishes to His Roaster Patrice O'Neal, Who Suffered Stroke (Video)

News broke Wednesday that the comedian has been in the hospital for a week.

Charlie Sheen is sending well wishes to comedian Patrice O'Neal, who remains hospitalized after suffering a stroke last week.

Sheen told TMZ that he hopes for "nothing but recovery" for O'Neal, who was among those roasting the actor in last month's Comedy Central special.

O'Neal "is a gentle giant, a brilliant comedian, and a noble dude," he added. "Wishing him nothing but recovery, healing and laughter."

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The announcement about O'Neal's stroke was made Wednesday by fellow comedians Jim Norton, Colin Quinn, Robert Kelly, Rich Vos and Keith Robinson on the Opie & Anthony radio show, on which O'Neal has made numerous appearances.

"We're all here to let people know that one of our really, really good friends fell ill, fell sick... Patrice O'Neal had a stroke," Kelly told listeners.

O'Neal's condition is unclear, Norton added.

"We don't know how he is; it's too soon to tell," he said. "Anybody who knows about strokes, it takes a while sometimes, we just don't know. We don't know how he is going to be."

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Meanwhile, the Opie & Anthony show posted a statement on its Facebook page.

"Our close friend Patrice O'Neal suffered a stroke last week," it read. "Please respect his family and their request for privacy. An email has been set up for fans to send him well wishes and his family will make sure he gets them. You can write to When we have an update on his condition, we will let you all know."

The news had been kept under wraps at the request of O'Neal's family, but the decision was made to go public after word began to spread among O'Neal's fellow comedians.

O'Neal was not only a roaster at the Sheen event but also the target of several jokes related to his health issues, including his diabetes and weight.

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Amy Schumer joked that "Patrice has always been destined for stardom, and diabetes. So tonight is not just the roast of Charlie Sheen, it's also a farewell party for Patrice's foot."

Sheen himself quipped: "The only thing slower than [Anthony Jeselnik's] delivery is Patrice O'Neal's metabolism. When I first saw Patrice on this stage, I thought the same thing we all did: Why is Mike Tyson's mother here?"

O'Neal fought back at the event, saying: "How the f--- can I be too mean after all this shit? I can't believe it. I'm dying of diabetes and you motherfuckers are like, 'Oh, that evil fat fuck.' "

O'Neal also has appeared on NBC's The Office and hosted VH1's weekly viral video countdown show Web Junk 20.

Listen to the announcement on Opie & Anthony below. (Warning: Language is NSFW.)


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