Patricia Clarkson Raves About Her Lucky, "Extraordinary" Globes Gown

Patricia Clarkson-Golden Globes 2019-Getty-H 2019

“This is what 59 looks like," the Globes winner said backstage, sporting the Georges Chakra haute couture gown she's had for two months.

Patricia Clarkson describes herself as superstitious, and when the Sharp Objects actress first saw the red tulle Georges Chakra haute couture gown she wore to Sunday’s Golden Globes, she held off, because she suspected she might be able to wear it to an awards show as a nominee. She was right, and on Sunday, the dress came out to play.  

"It is extraordinary," Clarkson told reporters backstage after winning for supporting actress in a limited series. "It's the first dress I saw. I’m superstitious, and I saw it for something else and I said no. I didn’t know if I’d be nominated, but I’ve had this dress for a while and I’m here tonight with this." (Clarkson cited another example of her superstition: she makes people turn around three times and spit if they mention winning. Seems like it worked.)

After her win, she smiled in the gown, saying, “This is what 59 looks like.”

Stylist Victor Blanco tells The Hollywood Reporter they tried the dress on nearly two months ago "and instantly fell in love. She looked sexy, confident, chic and elegant. I told her it was an amazing look for awards season, especially because it’s the color of the season. It’s amazing to see a woman like her enjoying fashion and loving being fun and playful. It’s her moment!"

Once they found the right occasion, he completed the Globes look with Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and Harry Winston jewels that matched the dress. "The jewels were a pink/ruby color that worked amazingly with the layering of the gown," he explains.

"I was so happy she won, not only because she deserves it but also because she really gave it everything and looked amazing! I’m so happy that my first time working with a winner was with her! I am so excited for more events by her side," Blanco adds. 

Clarkson said backstage that all she wanted to do was have some good Italian food to celebrate the win. “I haven’t had a breath or a bite in about four days,” she said. “I’m going to be eating Bolognese tomorrow, or maybe tonight, but this belt is very tight!"