Patrick Dempsey Partners With Men's Luxury "Slow Wear" Brand

Patrick Dempsey-Publicity-H 2019
Jonathan Glynn Smith/Courtesy of KA/NOA

The Italian-made label KA/NOA focuses on timeless, sustainable wardrobe essentials crafted with locally sourced materials.

Patrick Dempsey has joined the Lausanne, Switzerland-based luxury menswear brand KA/NOA as a business partner, and he talked to The Hollywood Reporter exclusively about his new venture.

Launched in 2017 by Bruno Grande and his wife, Valerie, the family-run company — named for the couple’s children, Kaia and Noah, and inspired by Grande’s Italian heritage — meticulously crafts everything in Italy.

With its product dubbed "slow wear," KA/NOA’s mantra is "a desire to slow down to grasp the essential." Every element, from yarn to garment labels, is sustainably crafted in Italy with locally sourced materials, utilizing top-notch workmanship.

The term also refers to the label’s quality, classic styles that last (in a world filled with disposable fast fashion) and the efficiency of coordinating mix-and-match pieces that add up to a simplified wardrobe. “Anyone who travels the world dreams of having a limited number of items that go intuitively well together,” says a brand statement.

“The idea of a luxury men’s brand is something that I’ve been thinking about working toward for over six or seven years, but it just never really came together in an organic way,” says Dempsey. “And then KA/NOA happened, and I think it came at the right time."

The Grey’s Anatomy star continues, “I grew up in a very small town in Maine. It was a manufacturing town, so the first encounter for me, as a boy growing up, was the hand-craftedness, and I think that translates in KA/NOA being Italian made, and the heritage for Bruno, as well. I think we share the same values. I think we share the same views about the world, about responsibility in manufacturing, about quality, about craftsmanship, about heritage. All of this has brought us together.”

The line includes coats, blazers and leather bomber jackets, button-front shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, shorts and trousers in luxurious cashmeres, silks, wools and cottons. There are also sneakers, boots and accessories, including belts, wallets, gloves, caps and scarves. And it’s all about solids (no flashy patterns here) that can be easily coordinated.

So what is Dempsey’s favorite piece? “I love the dark blue cashmere shirt: 100 percent pure cashmere, pressed…great sensation on the skin, to be worn alone or as an overlay.”

KA/NOA has three stores in Switzerland, but U.S. customers can order online, as Dempsey does.