Patrick Spence, Tiger Aspect in drama venture

To work with the Endemol-owned British indie to develop drama

LONDON -- He commissioned such projects as Peter Bowker's "Occupation," "Ballet Shoes" and "Murphy's Law" for the BBC. Now, BBC Northern Ireland drama head Patrick Spence is setting up his own production shop within U.K. drama house Tiger Aspect, opening up for business in mid-July.

Spence, who exec-produced the Sundance director and screenplay winner "Five Minutes of Heaven," and has worked on a slew of BBC primetime crime procedurals including "Silent Witness," "Waking The Dead," and "Messiah," will work with the Endemol-owned British indie to develop specialist and mainstream drama.

He will work with Tiger Aspect's head of drama Greg Brenman, launching his own label within Tiger Aspect supported by the indie's production and back-office resource.

"Patrick has shown time and again that he is a great champion and producer of talent," said Brenman, who worked extensively with Spence when he was at the BBC.

"This is the perfect marriage for me," added Spence. "I am very much responsible for my own destiny, but at the same time I am partnered with a team who means business. I feel very lucky indeed to have found a home here."
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