Patrick Stewart Compares Kellyanne Conway to Himself in Drag: "Twinsies"

Patrick Stewart - Getty - H 2017
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Will he get a spot on 'SNL'? Fans hope so.

Patrick Stewart on Tuesday finally weighed in on a comparison gaining momentum online that his drag persona looks like Kellyanne Conway.

Fans began calling for the Logan star to play Conway, Donald Trump's White House counselor, on NBC's Saturday Night Live after pictures were posted on reddit and social media comparing the two. 

Stewart finally give his 10-4 with a one-word tweet that included the picture: "Twinsies."

The actor previously dressed in drag while doing promotion for his former Starz sitcom, Blunt Talk

SNL has been delighting fans with skits skewering Trump and his staffers, the most popular of which are Alec Baldwin as the president and Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. 

So far, Kate McKinnon has been portraying SNL's Conway.