Patrick Stewart's Hilarious Acting Lesson: 'Her Buns are the Best' (Video)

Patrick Stewart

The "X-Men" star demonstrates the art of the "quintuple-take" for fiancée singer Sunny Ozell.

Patrick Stewart has commanded a starship and battled the most powerful mutant on Earth.

Now the revered actor is using all his acting chops to teach us the art of the "quintuple take." In a video posted on YouTube by his fiancee, singer Sunny Ozell, Stewart demonstrates the difference between the double take, the triple take and finally the quintuple take.

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In almost a parody of his hilarious turn on Extras – as a sex-craved version of himself – Stewart pretends someone has just shouted, "Her buns are the best," as a stimulus for why he'd be turning his head to take a peak.

Stewart has wrapped shooting on next summer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, in which he will reprise his role as Professor Charles Xavier. He also appeared in a small cameo in last month's The Wolverine.

Watch the video below.