Patti LuPone Calls Trump a "F—ing Nut"

Patti LuPone - H 2015
Ethan Hill

Patti LuPone - H 2015

"Why haven't we done anything about it?" the Tony-winning actress asked in a recent interview.

Tony-winning actress Patti LuPone has some choice words for President Donald Trump.

In a recent interview on the Broadway Channel's Show People With Paul Wontorek, the War Paint star took aim at Trump, not mincing any words in the process. "He’s a motherfing asshole," said the Broadway actress. "He’s a f—ing nut. He’s certifiably insane, and he has compromised this country." LuPone's anger flashed as she went on to say Trump's recent actions are "tantamount to treason."

"Why haven't we done anything about it?" LuPone asked angrily. "Why is this taking so long? What the f— is going on in this country?"

The star also offered her opinion on the Kardashians. "I think we have sunk so low when they are the standard of any kind of intelligence," said LuPone. "I don't know why they are where they are in our society."

Watch the full interview below.