Patti Stanger's 6 Best Tips for Summer Dating

Patti Stanger - P 2015

The 'Millionaire Matchmaker' star/producer also explains why single ladies need a friend like Mindy Kaling.

If you’ve ever seen a romantic comedy, then you know that summer is the ultimate time for romance. But hot summer flings don’t necessarily go hand in hand with sticky summer weather. Thankfully, the one and only Millionaire Matchmaker (aka Patti Stanger) has tips for keeping it all together when things begin to heat up. 

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The love guru opened up about beauty, dating and how to "snare a man without killing him" last week at SIXTY Beverly Hills, where she also celebrated her new position as brand ambassador for Completely Bare wax products. 

1. Keep it groomed.

Stanger isn’t shy when it comes to her opinions on body hair. And as the new brand ambassador for the affordably priced Completely Bare Wax, she says there’s no more excuses for letting things get, um, out of control. “The millennials won’t pay for [professional waxing] — they won’t even pay for cable. So they’re gettin’ grizzly down there and I’m getting complaints from the men,” says Stanger.

And as for how to go about keeping it all in tip-top shape south of the border? The love guru recommends getting artistic: “It’s stencil city,” she says of how best to use bikini wax strips ($11). "You can get creative down there. I love a heart, I’m a heart girl. But you can do a landing strip, stars, pentagrams — I don’t give a shit."

2. Plan ahead and pack the necessities.

Spontaneous summer trips are what summer memories are made of, so Stanger recommends being prepared for anything.

“I like to have an ‘I woke up this way bag.’ So if I stay overnight, it’s like the perfect kit. I’m a big fan of Hourglass eyeliners and I have basic lip gloss — I’ve been a Bobbi Brown gold girl since day one — and I have my wet brushes. And then I have this basic wax kit.” Because the strips don’t require heat, Stanger says they’re not only perfect for last minute emergencies, but relatively pain-free.

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3. Find your perfect single lady friend.

“Make a good single girlfriend,” says Stanger of the best single-lady tactics for finding Mr. Right. “You know Mindy Kaling was saying recently she can’t make a friend — like, ‘I’ll be your friend’ — anyway, she’s saying how hard it is to find friends later in life, let alone find a husband. And I think it’s great if you have a single friend that’s really for you."

But Stanger warns that finding a lady friend with opposite tastes is key — or else things could get ugly. "Make sure your friend doesn’t want the same type of guy as you, that is a problem. If you’re into blonde surfer guys and she likes nerdy Jewish guys, go out with her. You guys are a match. If you find someone who likes the same thing as you, you’ll be competitive and you will slay that dragon. You watch The Housewives, it happens all the time.”

4. But if you’re brave enough, go it alone.

The matchmaker says that although it can be tempting to roll out every night with your Taylor Swift-size girl gang, sometimes it's best to go it alone. “Studies have shown that those who travel in packs do not attract, so two or less.”

And if you’re curious to know where to find a new beau while on your own, Stanger’s got the answer: “Where there’s meat, there’s men.”

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5. Move like a cat (kind of).

According to Stanger, chemistry is 90 percent body language, and she recommends looking to the women in Asia for body language inspiration. “Their mannerisms — they’re like cats, they’re like felines,” she remarks. “They move very slow — they’re not trying to kill a man, they’re trying to snare him.”

6. And once you find your perfect date, mirror him and don’t complain.

“Couples who mirror each other end up in a relationship faster and last longer,” says Stanger of couples who dress to complement each other. “And be easy. Don’t complain about the restaurant. Don’t bring up negative stories, like, ‘Oh I had a terrible day.’ ”