Paul Feig: How to Gift Men’s Fashion in Hollywood

Paul Feig-Getty-H 2018
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

The director of 'A Simple Favor' reveals his advice for how to give fashion presents to men in the entertainment industry and beyond.

A gift should be a nice halfway point between the giftee and the gift giver. I'm known for wearing suits and ties, so accessories are a sure path for the holidays.


Where a lot of fellow men don't wear ties these days, they will sport one of these stuffed in their jacket over an open-necked shirt. Yet most don't buy them for themselves. When we did A Simple Favor, Anna Kendrick got me a beautiful Hermes tie and pocket silk. I loved and wore both to set two days later, and she was so happy to see a gift in use. But blue is never risky — every man wears blue. Pocket silks are also a chance to bestow pop with color (even pink) or a pattern (like paisley). Many guys are intimated by folding these handkerchiefs: You just grab the center, pull through your hand, fold it in half and shove it down into your pocket. Done!


A boutonniere — a silk rosette, by a brand like Charvet ($150, — is less of a leap than a pocket silk. They’re easy to use and men know what do with a boutonniere. If you know someone who's begun to wear suits and perhaps ties, it's a tool for standing out.


Socks, thought of as boring, are the most dangerous category to gift. Offer high-end socks in batches of four or five and include at least one set that isn't plain. Barney's does great socks; I like Paul Smith and Happy Socks for fun options.


If there's no way the person is going to don a French cuff shirt, don't give these. Look for links with with nice backings and not those basic posts. More than anything, cufflinks can be matched to someone's personality. When we wrapped Ghostbusters, my producing partner and our line producer gave me handmade cufflinks: replicas of the specter hood ornament on the Ectomobile in white gold with diamond eyes. They are such a nice trophy in my collection.

P.S. Fashion is personal. Always include the gift receipt.