Director Paul Haggis: ‘I Am Certainly Not Collaborating’ on Scientology Book

But former church member has been ‘helpful and candid’ on planned book by Lawrence Wright.

Paul Haggis released a statement Thursday denying Internet reports that he is collaborating with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Lawrence Wright on a book about the Church of Scientology.

Reports surfaced earlier this week claiming the director/screenwriter - who spent three decades as a Scientologist before severing ties in 2009 - was helping write The Heretic of Hollywood: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology, which has been described as "the most profound reckoning to date."
But Haggis says that while he is "a great admirer of Mr. Wright ... he has not asked me to cooperate with him on any book. I am certainly not collaborating with him on one. I have no financial or other interest in any book Mr. Wright may or may not choose to write, now or in the future."
Haggis previously worked with Wright on a profile for the New Yorker, detailing his involvement with the Church.
"I will expand on that material for the book," Wright explains. "Both the article and the eventual book will explore the Haggis family’s experience inside the church and their decision to leave it. Haggis has been extremely helpful and candid, but he is certainly not a collaborator. The reporting and the writing is all my work. Haggis has received no compensation for his time."