Paul McCartney is Americans' favorite Beatle

But 22% of those questioned don't like the band

NEW YORK -- Paul McCartney topped a poll of Americans' favorite Beatles, but nearly a quarter of those surveyed said they didn't like the British rock group.

And 3% of the 4,837 American adults questioned in the survey said they didn't know the Fab Four's music well enough to make a decision.

Nearly 30% of Americans questioned in the poll selected McCartney, compared with 16% who chose John Lennon, 10% for George Harrison and 9% for Ringo Starr.

"Americans over 30 and those over 65 love Paul," said John Zogby, the CEO of Zogby International which conducted the survey.

"It must be the crazy love songs and 'Yesterday.' Interestingly, John is the main answer for people who never go to church," he added.

The Beatles, arguably the most successful band ever, are enjoying a resurgence in sales as fans scramble for the group's reissues.

The Beatles sold 626,000 albums during the week ending Sunday, according to tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan, nearly as much as as their total, until last week, for this year.

"Abbey Road" and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" were among the best sellers.

The Walt Disney Co has also said it would remake the band's 1968 animated movie "Yellow Submarine" in 3-D.

Zogby attributed McCartney's popularity to his looks, his longevity and the fact that he is still making music.

The 22% of people who said they didn't like the Beatles' music could be "group that would say no to everything," he added.

Most of those who were not familiar with the Fab Four's music were 70 or older.