Paul Rudd "Farts" Countless Times During 'Ant-Man' Interview

Paul_Rudd_Farts_Interview - H 2015

Paul_Rudd_Farts_Interview - H 2015

"I've never been tooted on in an interview before."

Paul Rudd kept an interviewer blushing when he couldn't stop farting during his interview promoting Ant-Man.

Rudd wasn't actually farting, but once he realized he could move around on the leather chair he was sitting on and make a farting sound, he was like a constant human whoopee cushion.

"What types of things do you do in your suit that nobody knows about?" asked interviewer Erin Robinson. "I just do the same stuff that everybody else does," he said with a smirk, making farting noises in his chair.

"I'm going to see if we can do this whole interview with you even getting out one question," said the actor, pretending his stomach was "upset."