Paul Rudd Smashes Harvey Weinstein's Oscar in Funny or Die Video

Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

Rudd also mocks Weinstein's movies and presents marketing ideas written on a piece of toilet paper.

Harvey Weinstein steps in front of the camera in a hilarious Funny or Die spoof.

In the clip, Paul Rudd walks into Weinstein's office to present a few marketing ideas for their movie My Idiot Brother that he's written on a piece of toilet paper while riding the bus.

"This is where it all happens, huh? Good Will Hunting. Inglourious Basterds. E.T," Rudd says. When Weinstein points out he didn't make E.T., Rudd deadpans, "I know, I'm just saying movies. Ghostbusters!"

Rudd's marketing ideas include putting trailers in the middle of movies, preferably during sex scenes. He also suggests, "You know how people have screens in their taxi cabs? I want to be on those, but I also want to be in the trunk, so when they go to get out their luggage, I pop out! You know who's driving the cab? Morgan Freeman."

He suggests kicking off a Brooklyn line of pizza, or a line of dirt called Rudd's Mudd, before going into a riff about Pulp Fiction.

He also wants to change the movie's name. Of the titles he throws around, one is: Paul Rudd Presidents: Our Idiot Bother: The Hangover, Borat.

Weinstein eventually tosses Rudd out of his office. Before leaving, Rudd picks up his Oscar for the King's Speech and smashes it on the floor, and defiles a few photos of Weinstein posing with Hollywood stars.

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