Paul Rudd Is Not the Viral Video Hero Who Tackled a Gay Basher in Dallas

DFW Airport Paul Rudd Two - H 2014
YouTube/Andrew Kennedy; AP Images

DFW Airport Paul Rudd Two - H 2014

Twitter went crazy after a user claimed he spotted the 'Ant-Man' star in the footage

A shocking viral video of a drunk gay basher being tackled by travelers at the Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport grew a little more shocking with rumors that one of the citizen heroes was Paul Rudd.

But a rep for the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter that it isn't him.

Dallas-based brand marketer Ben Kravit has taken credit for being the man in the video. His Twitter profile photo demonstrates more than a passing resemblance to Rudd.

Amateur Twitter sleuth Mark W. S. thought he spotted the Ant-Man star in the video, then questioned another Twitter user after she mentioned that she had spotted Rudd on her Dallas flight. 

"Weird question," Mark W.S. asked during his investigation. "By chance was he wearing an olive sports coat and a blue checked shirt?"

To which Twitter user MAbiga6 replies, "Yes! And a blue hat, think it was a Yankees hat." 

Comedian Sara Benincasa helped to popularize the theory on her Twitter feed, and Wonkette then ran a story positively identifying Rudd as the man in the video.

But the actor's publicist tells THR that Rudd was nowhere near the scene.

In the video, a drunk man grows increasingly belligerent at an airport gate as another traveler in a cowboy hat attempts to calm him down.

"He's queer! That's what I'm upset about," the drunk man says, gesturing to a third man in a pink shirt before hurling several more homophobic epithets.

The drunk man then lunges forward and kicks the man in the pink shirt. Three bystanders and a police officer immediately tackle the man to the ground. Once he is down, someone vaguely resembling Rudd makes sure the situation is sufficiently under control, then steps away from the scene.

Oct. 27, 6:05 p.m. Story updated to include information about Ben Kravit, the man in the video some mistook for Rudd.