Paul Rudd's World Series Kegger Invite Was a Joke, But People Still Showed Up

Paul Rudd - H 2014
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Paul Rudd - H 2014

The actor also talks about being a member of the David Letterman Fan Club and finds out what happens when the sponge that came with his membership is dipped in water.

Remember when Paul Rudd rushed the field after the Kansas City Royals made the World Series and told a local news reporter there's a party at his mom's house? It turns out, as the actor explained on Tuesday's Late Show With David Letterman, he was just kidding about the kegger, but that didn't stop people from showing up. He also claims that in his excitement over the Royals' win, he wasn't even totally conscious of the fact that he was on camera.

Rudd explained how he was sitting with someone who worked with Major League Baseball, who asked him if he wanted to go down to the field. He quickly accepted but "wasn't thinking that there would be cameras down there," something Letterman found particularly amusing.

"I thought this was still just on the radio," Rudd joked.

"They asked me what I was going to do to celebrate and just in the excitement I said, 'Kegger at my mom's house!'" he explained. "I was completely kidding but some people did show up."

Wait, it gets worse.

"My mom doesn't live in that house anymore," Rudd added. "My sister and my brother-in-law do. When my brother-in-law was putting his son to sleep and three guys showed up looking for me with bottles of wine looking for a party, he said 'No! Get lost. It was a joke.'"

Rudd did say, though, that if the Royals win the World Series this year, "Seriously, two kegs at my mom's house."

Rudd also used his appearance on Letterman, where he was promoting his summer movie Ant-Man, to talk about how he was such a fan of the outgoing host that he was in the David Letterman Fan Club, which the host noted wasn't an official enterprise.

"I remember the David Letterman Fan Club, and we had to issue a cease-and-desist order because it did not have anything to do with us," Letterman said.

Rudd figured that might have been the case and was kind of tipped off by the merchandise included with membership: a button, a collapsible drinking cup, a backscratcher, a balloon and a sponge with the instructions, "Dip in water — see what happens." He brought the button out and put it on his lapel, and he and Letterman found out what happened with the sponge.

Their experiment led to something Rudd said he never thought he'd do.

Watch what happens in the clip below.