'Paul Williams: Still Alive' Reintroduces a Diminutive Musical Giant (Video)

Paul Williams: Still Alive - Toronto - 2011 H

Director Stephen Kessler develops a tenuous friendship with his subject in this documentary about the vagaries of fame and the dangers of fan worship.

Muppets fans wondering where “The Rainbow Connection” came from got a look at the man behind the music Thursday when Abramorama premiered the first trailer for Paul Williams: Still Alive.

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A film about the iconic singer-songwriter and the documentarian who idolizes him, Paul Williams: Still Alive offers an in-depth look at the gregarious 5'2" Williams who, in his heyday, wrote some of the biggest-selling and most acclaimed songs of the ‘70s, starred in a movie directed by Brian De Palma, and became a beloved staple of the talk show circuit.

When director Stephen Kessler first began to look into Williams’ life, he believed that he was dead. But after finding out that Williams was very much alive, he talked the aging pop star into letting him film his current experiences, in the process cultivating a tenuous friendship that proves more revealing – about both men – than either expected.

Watch the video below for a first look at the documentary. Paul Williams: Still Alive opens in select theaters June 8, 2012.