Paula Deen Promises to Donate Part of Diabetes Endorsement Money

Paula Deen FOX Studios - P 2012
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Paula Deen FOX Studios - P 2012

The celebrity chef, who specializes in southern-style cooking, experienced rampant backlash after announcing she was now a spokeswoman for type 2 diabetes.

Days after the announcement that she has had type 2 diabetes for three years and has now signed on as a spokesperson for the disease was met with negative reactions, celebrity chef Paula Deen made another announcement: she will will be donating a percentage of her earnings to the American Diabetes Association. 

Deen, who is now the face of Novo Nordisk's new diabetes health initiative, made the statement during an appearance on ABC's The Chew Wednesday. 

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However, the ADA said it had yet to hear from Deen regarding her philanthropic intentions, USA Today reports

The chef, whose recipes have been criticized for their high-calorie and fat content, has not disclosed the amount she (and her sons Bobby and Jamie) is being paid by Novo Nordisk, who also makes the injectable noninsulin Victoza, which she now takes. 

Much has been made of Deen's announcement. Fellow chef Anthony Bourdain even reignited an earlier feud with the decadent cook, tweeting veiled a thinly-veiled judgement Tuesday, months after calling her the "most dangerous person to America." 

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"I've always said moderation," Deen defended herself on The Chew. "I don't eat every day the way that you see me cook on that show. It's 30 days out of my life. And it's for your entertainment," she said, before getting emotional. 

Watch part of her appearance below