PCCW applies for HK TV license

Local telco joins duo of competitors for free-to-air station

HONG KONG -- Local telecommunications major PCCW on Tuesday announced its decision to apply for a free-to-air television broadcasting license.
The company stressed its “ubiquitous terrestrial and wireless networks, taken together with its quality local content production capabilities,” and said it would submit the application in the near future, in a statement.
City Telecom and i-Cable had previously submitted their applications for the license since the government signaled its intention to accept applications last year. Two networks, Television Broadcasts and Asia Television, now own free-to-air television licenses in Hong Kong. 

The 42-year-old TVB’s hegemony over the Hong Kong viewing public has been unthreatened throughout perennial underdog ATV’s numerous reincarnations under various owners since the late 1970s, and it remains to be seen whether a third competitor will shake things up.
PCCW operates IPTV network now TV, which serves 992,000 subscribers via TV sets, the portal, a mobile phone service provider, the PCCW eye Multimedia Service and eye2.