Peace Arch puts tail on 'Detectives'


The screwball romantic comedy "Watching the Detectives," starring Lucy Liu and Cillian Murphy, will be released in North America early next year via Peace Arch Entertainment.

The Plum Pictures/Peace Arch feature stars Murphy as a movie buff and video store owner whose life begins to mirror his beloved film noirs when a real-life femme fatale (Liu) takes him on a series of dangerous adventures. Paul Soter (writer of several Broken Lizard comedy troupe features) wrote and directed the film. Jason Sudeikis and Michael Panes co-star.

"Detectives," a 2007 Tribeca Film Festival premiere, will mark Peace Arch's sophomore release as the company builds its theatrical acquisition and distribution arm. It is aiming for at least six releases over the next year. Tom DiCillo's paparazzi comedy "Delirious" hit U.S. theaters in August. Peace Arch is eyeing a "Detectives" platform release around Valentine's Day.

"Its the right film for us because you don't see a lot of good independent romantic comedies," Peace Arch president and COO John Flock said. Some of Flock's productions, including "The Deal," starring co-writer William H. Macy and Meg Ryan, might be released under the new division. Others like "Winged Creatures," starring Kate Beckinsale and acquired by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisition Group, might be sold to outside distributors.

Plum Pictures partners Celine Rattray, Daniela Taplin Lundberg and Galt Niederhoffer produced the film with executive producers Bill Benenson, Irving Schwartz, Randy Simon, Reagan Silber, Flock, Lewin Webb and Gary Howsam.

Upcoming Plum projects include the Weinstein Co.'s "Grace Is Gone," starring John Cusack; "Trucker," starring Michelle Monaghan; "Laws of Motion," with Matthew Perry; and "The Bell Jar," with Julia Stiles.