Peaches Geldof's Final Parenting Column for Mother & Baby: 'Life Is Good'

David M. Benett/Getty Images for Dolce&Gabbana

On Tuesday, the British parenting publication posted the late fashion personality's last column on the joys and hardships of motherhood. And her happiness is heartbreaking.

As if the shocking, sudden death on Monday of 25-year-old British socialite, fashion personality and TV presenter Peaches Geldof weren't sad enough, the parenting magazine for which she wrote a column just published her final piece -- and it's worthy of a Kleenex box, for sure. 

The young mother of two infant sons had signed on with Britain's Mother & Baby earlier this year. And according to the publication's website, it received permission from Geldof's family to post her final essay, which focuses on why being a "mum" trumps the late-night debauchery for which the Brit was once known. 

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"When I had two wailing, smiling, joyful little blobs of waddling pink flesh, they became my entire existence, and saved me from one of pure apathy," Geldof wrote of sons Astala, almost 2, and Phaedra, nearly 1. "However, this new earth-mother me came with an unexpected consequence -- I found myself friendless." 

Geldof went on discuss "fair-weather" friends who didn't seem to care about diapers, first words or any of the other gush-worthy moments that the tiny and innocent inevitably bring. Friends expected Geldof to pack her brood and come to them. And no one understood why she didn't want a nanny and why "wine-soaked" dinners no longer fit in to her schedule. 

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"Then, one day, Astala came running in to me in bed carrying a drawing he had done. Phaedra crawled adoringly behind him, felt tip all over his face. Astala proudly announced ‘Narny (what he calls himself) draw Mama. Narny love Mama’. ‘Mama’ was some squiggly lines so heartbreakingly sweet, I teared up. Phaedy gave me a wet kiss and both collapsed giggling into my arms, looking at me with pure love. In that magic moment, all my doubts were erased. Everything else was nothingness and it just … didn’t matter. I had the perfect life – two beautiful babies who loved me more than anything. It was, and is, bliss." 

Read Geldof's full column, here. And when you're done, go call your mom.