Peacock ups Web presence


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NEW YORK -- As part of NBC Universal's upfront announcements Monday, NBC Digital Entertainment said it was ramping up its online presence, expanding "Heroes 360" and launching a similar project for "The Office" among other initiatives.

In addition to making extra content available on digital platforms, "The Office 360" will allow online users of NBC's Web site to create their own branches of the comedy's fictional Dunder-Mifflin paper company with different challenges to complete. The branches could be integrated into a network episode of the show.

The expanded "Heroes 360" Web offering will present more chapters of this season's graphic novel feature and character backstories as the show evolves this season.

NBC also will offer a Web-exclusive series on the site called "Coastal Dreams," a soap opera geared toward a younger audience.

The network will add new features to the digital homes of all returning programs as well. "Deal or No Deal" will showcase the stories of past contestants, "30 Rock" will present a blog from Judah Friedlander's character, "Las Vegas" will offer behind-the-scenes features, "ER" will present deleted scenes, and "Medium" will enlist fans to pick story lines and to help with writing episodes.

NBC's new shows -- "Lipstick Jungle," "Bionic Woman," "Chuck," "Journeyman" and "Life" -- also will have digital extensions. "Lipstick" will partner with the NBC-owned community portal iVillage for its site.

In addition, the network will offer virtual tours of every show set, a community featured called MyNBC and a casting agency twist on fantasy games called "NBC Fantasy Talent Scout."