Pedro Almodovar Changes Title of Upcoming Film to Avoid Confusion With Scorsese

Pedro Almodovar - H 2014
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Pedro Almodovar - H 2014

The Oscar winner didn't want his 'Silencio' to be mistaken with Martin Scorsese's forthcoming 'Silence.'

Pedro Almodovar changed the name of his next film from Silencio to Julieta to avoid confusion with Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Silence, the Spanish Oscar-winning director said Wednesday.

“When we began with preproduction I found out that Martin Scorsese was going to shoot a film with the same title, but I didn’t mind because I thought that I would use the Spanish title, which sounds much different, in the markets. Scorsese and I have finished shooting our respective films and we know that we will coincide in theaters around the world next year around the same time. Additionally, the novel the film is based on by Shusaku Endo will be rereleased,” Almodovar explained. “I think it’s too many silences at the same time and I prefer to avoid future errors.”

Emma Suarez and Ariadna Ugarte star in the iconoclastic director’s return to the cinema of great female protagonists.

The two actresses will play the same character, Julieta, in a drama focusing on destiny, the complexity of guilt and what makes people abandon those they love, according to the synopsis. Suarez is a veteran in Spain, having won a Goya award for The Dog in the Manger, while Ugarte is known for her role in El Tiempo Entre Costuras.

Sony Pictures Classics holds North American rights.