Pedro Almodovar Unveils 'Silencio' Cast

Pedro Almodovar - H 2014
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Pedro Almodovar - H 2014

Instead of his regular muses, a fresh set of actresses will work with the director on his return to female-centric cinema.

Oscar-winning Spanish director Pedro Almodovar on Thursday announced that Emma Suarez and Ariadna Ugarte would star in his return to the cinema of great female protagonists with Silencio, which will start shooting in May in Spain.

The two actresses will play the same character, Julieta, in a drama focusing on destiny, the complexity of guilt and what makes people abandon those they love, according to a plot description. Suarez is a veteran in Spain, having won a Goya award for The Dog in the Manger, while Ugarte is known for her role in El Tiempo Entre Costuras.

In an unusual step, the director famous for working repeatedly with actresses he likes has cast a gaggle of new faces for the $9.8 million (9 million euros) production, which his producer brother Agustin Almodovar attributes to synergies of the script and the casting.

"Pedro takes great pleasure in witnessing acting, and it will be stimulating for him to discover the freshness of these new actors, and as his producer and brother that will be very stimulating for me to watch," the producer at production firm El Deseo said.

The film tells of a 30-year time span in Juliet’s life, starting from 1985 when it seemed like everything was much better than in the present, 2015, when everything seems beyond repair and she is on the verge of madness.

Inma Cuesta will play a faithful/unfaithful friend, Rosy de Palma a competitive servant, Nathalia Pozo will play the role of a self-righteous voice, while Pilar Castro plays a casual friend. Dario Grandinetti is Juliet’s adult lover, Daniel Grao is the fisherman of her youth and Joaquin Notario is Juliet’s father. And Blanca Pares will play the daughter of Juliet and the fisherman.

The silence mentioned in the film's title refers primarily to the daughter, whom Juliet doesn’t really know and who is the center of most of the film’s drama.