Peeks perform for MTV, allies


As part of its content partnership with Sony Pictures, MTV promoted and premiered the trailer for the "Spider-Man 3" video game from Activision and saw ratings jump 29%. It did the same on with the trailer for Lionsgate's "Hostel 2," which was streamed nearly 379,000 times, outperforming a similar but nonpromoted trailer on the site by a whopping 939%.

While MTV has engaged in content partnerships with Hollywood's film studios since its inception 25 years ago, it has recently been shifting the type of content it offers. According to the network, the results speak for themselves and benefit the studios and MTV.

"Years ago, the majority of our movie promotions were longform programming, half-hour shows," said John Shea, executive vp integrated marketing and brand partnerships at MTVN Music and Logo Group. "While that still continues to be an element of our movie promotions, a lot more now is … getting in a little earlier and giving the audience a peak behind the curtain, which is what the MTV audience has told us is most interesting to them."

For Fox's "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," MTV will use a different strategy to promote that film. On "Pimp My Ride," tuner experts will transform a viewer's car into a Silver Surfer-themed vehicle complete with a built-in plasma screen and an Xbox 360.