Pellicano will not testify


Anthony Pellicano, accused of wiretapping and racketeering, said Wednesday that he will not defend himself on the witness stand.

The decision by Pellicano, who is representing himself, comes after days of speculation that he would testify.

Meanwhile, a co-defendant testified about his work with the former private eye.

Kevin Kachikian is accused of being part of an alleged crime racket run by Pellicano. Kachikian developed for Pellicano a wiretapping program called TeleSleuth to assist Pellicano in his alleged illegal investigations of client foes.

Kachikian told jurors that when he was 13 years old, he saw "Star Wars." Then, he went home and built his own R2-D2 out of his sister's roller skates, a dome top, plastic bucket and a remote control.

It was the start of Kachikian's fascination with technology and his eventual career as a software engineer.

Kachikian testified he did develop programs for Pellicano, among them TeleSleuth, which had the ability to record phone conversations; Forensic Audio Sleuth, which had the ability to filter background noises in recordings; and Forensic Image Sleuth, which analyzed cassette audio tapes to determine if there had been tampering.

Kachikian said Pellicano was a frustrating micromanager who demanded changes to the programs almost on a daily basis.

"He would yell at me or ignore me," he told the jury.

But he abided by Pellicano's wishes because, "He was paying me. This was what he wanted. These were his tools," Kachikian said.

Pellicano also was protective of his A-list clientele. One time, when Kachikian was working at the lab of the investigator's Sunset Boulevard office, he heard an employee tell Pellicano, "Tom Cruise is on the phone."

Kachikian said he later asked Pellicano if that was the Tom Cruise. Pellicano went ballistic, salivating as he yelled in Kachikian's face, "If you ever f***ing bring that up again, I'm going to rip your head off."

Kachikian added he didn't think Pellicano actually would assault him.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.