'Pencilneck' comic quite a draw

Rights to Paper Street title nabbed by Benderspink

Benderspink has gotten the lead out for "Pencilneck," acquiring the rights to the indie comic book miniseries. The company's Chris Bender and JC Spink will produce.

Created by Victor Carungi and published by his own Paper Street Comics, the crime thriller centers on a mild-mannered banker who, in order to save his criminal brother, is forced by the mob to help them rob his employer. When the heist goes awry and the banker is taken hostage, he snaps. With nothing to lose, the banker goes on a rampage, taking down anyone in his path in order to rescue his brother.

Carungi created Paper Street in 2002. This is his first sale.

The project was brought into Benderspink by Spink's assistant Josh Feldman.

Benderspink is developing several comics-based projects, including "Y: The Last Man" at New Line. It also has the comedy "Torrente" at New Line and "Sweep the Leg" at Summit.