Penelope Cruz Searches for Lost Love in 'Twice Born' Clip (Exclusive Video)

The sweeping romance costars Emile Hirsch as an American photojournalist who finds a connection amid brutal Bosnian conflict.

All mysteries, however grand, terrifying or romantic, start somewhere. In Twice Born, Penelope Cruz's journey through her own memories of war-torn Sarajevo begin in the library with a guide whose most important qualification is that he owns a car -- a vital component of every emotional exploration.

Based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Mazzantini, Twice Born tells the story of Italian professor Gemma (Cruz), who whisks her son away to Sarajevo on summer vacation in hopes of reconnecting with the past and memories of the father he never knew. What starts as a stroll down memory lane becomes an awakening of truths, both shocking and heartfelt. During the 1984 Winter Olympics, Gemma fell deeply in love with a young American photographer named Diego (Emile Hirsch). The film traces the line between that passionate affair and Gemma's eventual escape from the Balkan War.


Twice Born debuted at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter called Cruz's performance in the film “sorrowful but composed, clearly aware that the deep bruises of experience will never heal.” The film marks the fourth feature from Italian actor-turned-director Sergio Castellitto.

Shot in Rome, Croatia and current-day Sarajevo, the film also stars Sarajevan actor Adnan Haskovic (Snowpiercer), seen in the above exclusive clip as the poet Gojco, who introduces Gemma to the city only to become an integral part of her family's history.

Twice Born arrives in theaters and will be available via video-on-demand on Dec. 6, 2013.