Penn State to End 'Sweet Caroline' Sing-Alongs Over 'Touching Me, Touching You' Lyric

Penn State - Beaver Stadium - 2011

The Neil Diamond song is a popular one at live sporting events.

For years, Penn State college football fans have celebrated team pride by singing along to Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline." But those days have come to an end over concerns that one portion of the song's lyrics -- the part that goes "touching me, touching you" -- might come across as insensitive in light of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The change to protocal was confirmed today by The Altoona Mirror, as the team gears up for the 2012 season, starting this Sunday.

The song, first released by Diamond in 1969, is a perennial favorite at sporting events, including at Boston's Fenway Park, where it has played during the eighth inning of every Red Sox game since 2002.

The Caroline of the title, Diamond revealed in a CBS Early Show interview last year, was actually Caroline Kennedy, whose picture as a young girl on the cover of Life magazine inspired him to write the song.