'People Like Us' Trailer: Elizabeth Banks, Chris Pine Are Secret Siblings

Elizabeth Banks Chris Pine Split - H 2012
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Elizabeth Banks Chris Pine Split - H 2012

A domestic dramedy based on a true story is the directorial debut of "Star Trek" co-writer Alex Kurtzman.

Watch this first look at People Like Us without sound, and it looks like a conventional romance. Turn up the volume, however, and all changes very, very quickly.

Starring Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine, the film has the classic boy-meets-girl storyline, with even the added thirty-something single mother with the sweet son element. And yes, it's a love story, but not in the normal big screen way: Banks and Pine's characters are long-lost siblings, though only Pine knows it. 

When their father dies, Pine is given $150,000 in inheritence, but must deliver money to Banks' child. Thus begins the courting, which leads to a re-evaluation of family and values and relationships.

The film is the directorial debut of Alex Kurtzman, who has worked with Pine on Star Trek, which he co-wrote. Kurtzman, in fact, is best known for his action/sci-fi fare, having scripted two Transformers films, Cowboys & Aliens, and Mission: Impossible III, as well. Co-starring Olivia Wilde and Michelle Pfeiffer, the film, which recently switched titles from the original Welcome to People, hits theaters on June 29.