People Magazine Defends Putting Only Kim Kardashian on Wedding Cover


"It's all about the bride," says an editor when questioned on "Access Hollywood Live" about Kris Humphries' absence.

People magazine has come under fire for putting only Kim Kardashian on the cover of its big wedding issue -- leaving new husband Kris Humphries out of the main photo.

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"We sorted through thousands of pictures," People's assistant editor Jen Garcia said on Access Hollywood Live Wednesday morning.

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"…Looking for ones that didn't have Kris?" joked guest co-host Arsenio Hall.

"That's not true!" said Garcia.

"You see Kris.. in a bush!" quipped Hall, pointing to the bushes that appear behind Kim on the cover. People paid $1.5 million for licensing fees.

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"It's all about the bride. We wanted her. It's her day, we wanted her on the cover," said Garcia.

"He's got a little height on her," added Garcia of the New Jersey Nets forward. "It's kind of tough to get them in the [same] shot."

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Later Garcia joked of the reason to buy the magazine: "[It's all about] the little details, the happy couple, some really sweet [photos] there… you will see Kris Humphries inside!"

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"It's 11 pages of insanity. You can't miss it," added Garcia.

Wedding planner Sharon Sacks told the magazine Kardashian's wedding would have cost $6 million, but Garcia admitted, "because of who they are, they got a lot for free or discounted."

Kardashian's diamond headpiece was worth $2.5 million alone.

The Hollywood Reporter  has detailed how the couple is offsetting their wedding costs by publicizing products on Twitter and on their E! reality show. In addition to their People cover, E! will air a two-part wedding special on Oct. 9 and 10.