People's Choice Awards: Stars Are White Hot on the Red Carpet

Ellen Pompeo Morena Baccarin Taylor Swift Split - H 2013
Getty Images

Taylor Swift, Ellen Pompeo and Morena Baccarin were among those spotted in white numbers.

Awards season is fun for fashion lovers for so many reasons, not the least of which is seeing which colors -- or lack thereof -- pop out as the hot eveningwear trends of the season. Sure, some of it will be based on the spring 2013 collections or the pre-fall 2013 collections, which is what most actresses will be wearing. But then, Hollywood has its own rules and trends, and lots of the gowns you'll see will be specially made for a particular actress, and she, the designer and a stylist will determine the color code there.

If we had to predict the big trend of the Globes this weekend -- and remember, we've seen the one-shoulder season, the emerald-green season, the lace season, the Grecian-pleated chiffon season -- we'd say it's two things: pale -- and backless. Pale blush pink, pale ice blue, champagne and all variations on white are what we're thinking. You can actually attract a lot of attention in a pale hue: It catches light really well and accentuates the features. And we've seen so many celebs in black, then red, then blue, then emerald -- and they like to surprise us and switch it up.

As the People's Choice Awards kick off Wednesday, we've just spotted three female stars in stark pure white gowns -- Taylor Swift, Homeland's Morena Baccarin and Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo. It's too early for dress credits -- but it's not too early to call a trend when we discern one.