Pepsi Center faces sked conflict

NBA playoff, WWE event set for same night

NEW YORK -- It's the Denver Nuggets vs. World Wrestling Entertainment.

Next Monday night, the Pepsi Center in Denver is set to host game 4 of the NBA playoff showdown between the L.A. Lakers and Denver Nuggets and WWE's weekly "Monday Night RAW" broadcast on USA Network in a scheduling conflict that the arena apparently hadn't expected.

WWE said late Monday it is "currently at an impasse in resolving a scheduling debacle by the (Nuggets) team and the Pepsi Center," and it may be forced to cancel the event, although talks continue. The sports entertainment powerhouse said it has held the date at the arena since last August, and recently got it confirmed. It added that it was expecting a sell-out crowd.

Meanwhile, a woman answering the phone in the Nuggets office said the team expects to play at their home arena next Monday, but confirmed that the issue is still being discussed, with any potential updates to come on the arena's Web site.

One source said that the WWE show could be forced to move to a different date or venue. WWE tapes its SmackDown show that airs Friday nights on MyNetworkTV.

ESPN is set to air the Monday Lakers-Nuggets game in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

WWE chairman Vince McMahon expressed frustation. "Even though the Denver Nuggets had a strong team this year and were projected to make the playoffs, obviously Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke did not have enough faith in his own team to hold the May 25th date for a potential playoff game," he said in a statement.