Perez Hilton on Playing Raunchy Bob Saget in 'Full House: The Musical': "You've Been Warned"

Scott Roth/Invision/AP

"If you're offended by naughty words, then it's not your cup of tea."

All will be revealed when celebrity blogger Perez Hilton morphs from wholesome dad Danny Tanner to real-life dirty comic in Full House: The Musical! in New York City this Fall after a Toronto debut. 

"It's not Full House," Hilton told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday about the popular ABC sitcom that inspired the off-Broadway musical spoof.

"It's definitely a parody and one that some folks might find uproariously offensive," he added. Hilton, who has worked with Broadway go-to voice coach Liz Caplan for three years to perfect his singing pipes, swore he'll be as dirty as Saget infamously is during his stand-up routines.

"It's just super silly, ridiculous, naughty fun," he insisted. Hilton hasn't talked directly to Saget about the musical role, but did consult longtime friend and original Full House star John Stamos. "He congratulated me and told me it will be a fun experience. I'm just glad he's not upset," Hilton reported back.

Full House: The Musical! will also see John Duff play Jesse Katsopolis, Seth Blum as Joey Gladstone, Amanda Nicholas as DJ Tanner and Marguerite Halcovage as Stephanie Tanner. Hilton offered fair warning to musical audiences in Toronto and New York City who may be expecting only good clean fun and hugs from the musical parody written and directed by Bob McSmith and Tobly McSmith.

"If you're offended by naughty words, then it's not your cup of tea," Hilton said, before adding: "Now people will know ahead of time. You've been warned." Full House: The Musical! premieres in Toronto on Aug. 18, before a Fall run in New York City from Sept. 7.