'Perfume' leads Lola noms


BERLIN -- There is no clear favorite for this year's German Film Prizes, the Lolas, as several films picked up multiple nominations Friday.

Tom Tykwer's opulent story of a scent-obsessed serial killer, "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer," and Chris Kraus' low-budget drama "Four Minutes" led the nominations with eight each, including mentions in the best picture and best director categories.

Close behind was Stefan Ruzowitzky's "The Counterfeiters," the true story of concentration camp inmates who were forced to forge money to help finance the Nazi war machine. It received seven Lola nominations, missing out in the best director category but picking up a nom Karl Markovics' starmaking turn as a Jewish con-man and expert forger caught between his conscience and his instinct for survival.

The best actor category will see Markovics go up against two established German actors at the top of their game -- Josef Bierbichler, for his caustic performance in Hans Steinbichler's "Winter Journey," and Juergen Vogel, nominated for "The Free Will," in which he plays a serial rapist trying to resist his urges.

25-year-old Hannah Herzsprung proved she has successfully made the jump from TV to film with two Lola nominations -- a best acting nom for her feature debut in "Four Minutes" and a best supporting mention for her performance in "Life Actually." In the best actress category, Herzsprung will face off with her "Four Minutes" co-star Monica Bleibtreu.

There is no newcomer of the year Lola, but if there were, it would likely go to first-time director Marcus H. Rosenmueller. His debut, the black comedy "Grave Decisions," received five nominations, including best picture and best director, while his follow-up film, the bobsled laffer "Heavyweights," snagged a Lola nomination for best costume design.

One surprise was "Emma's Bliss," a melanchoy romantic comedy from Sven Taddicken about a man dying of cancer who gets one last shot at love. It didn't make many critics' lists but the German Film Academy members gave it four Lola nominations, including one for best picture and a best actress mention for newcomer Joerdis Triebel.

Dani Levy's controversial comedy "Mein Fuehrer -- The Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler" may have made headlines in Germany and around the world for its subject matter but the German Academy all but snubbed it. "Mein Fuehrer" received only one Lola nom, a best supporting actor mention for Sylvester Groth, who plays Joseph Goebbels in the film.

For the first time, the German Film Prize nominations were announced live on German television, part of the German Film Academy's attempt to broaden the award's appeal.

The winners of the 2007 Lolas will be announced at a gala ceremony May 4 in Berlin.

A full list of 2007 Lola nominees follows.

Best Film / Production Company

"Emma's Bliss" / Wueste Filmproduktion

"Perfume -- The Story of a Murderer" / Constantin Film

"Four Minutes" / Kordes & Kordes Film

"Grave Decisions" / Roxy Film

"Winter Journey" / d.i.e. film

"The Counterfeiters" / Aichholzer Film

Best Children's Film / Production Company

"Hands Off The Mississippi" / Boje Buck Filmproduktion

"The Cloud" / Clasart Film

Best Documentary / Director

"The Short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez" by Heidi Specogna

"Workingman's Death" by Michael Glawogger

Best Actress

Monica Bleibtreu ("Four Minutes")

Hannah Herzsprung ("Four Minutes")

Joerdis Triebel ("Emma's Bliss")

Best Actor

Josef Bierbichler ("Winter Journey")

Karl Markovics ("The Counterfeiters")

Juergen Vogel ("The Free Will")

Best Supporting Actress

Barbara Auer ("Impossibly Yours")

Hannah Herzsprung ("Life Actually")

Sabine Timoteo ("A Friend Of Mine")

Best Supporting Actor

Sylvester Groth ("Mein Fuehrer -- the truly truest truth about Adolf Hitler")

Hinnerk Schoenemann ("Emma's Bliss")

Devid Striesow ("The Counterfeiters")

Best Director

Matthias Glasner ("The Free Will")

Chris Kraus ("Four Minutes")

Marcus H. Rosenmueller ("Grave Decisions")

Tom Tykwer ("Perfume -- The Story of a Murderer")

Best Screenplay

Chris Kraus ("Four Minutes")

Christian Lerch, Marcus H. Rosenmueller ("Grave Decisions")

Stefan Ruzowitzky ("The Counterfeiters")

Best Cinematography

Frank Griebe ("Perfume -- The Story of a Murderer")

Judith Kaufmann ("Four Minutes")

Benedict Neuenfels ("The Counterfeiters")

Best Editing

Alexander Brenner ("Perfume -- The Story of a Murderer")

Susanne Hartmann, Anja Pohl ("Grave Decisions")

Uta Schmidt ("Four Minutes")

Hansjoerg Weissbrich ("Impossibly Yours")

Best Set Design

Uli Hanisch ("Perfume -- The Story of a Murderer")

Lothar Holler ("Hands off the Mississippi")

Isidor Wimmer ("The Counterfeiters")

Best Costume Design

Natascha Curtius-Noss ("Heavyweights")

Nicole Fischnaller ("The Counterfeiters")

Pierre-Yves Gayraud ("Perfume -- The Story of a Murderer")

Best Score:

Gerd Baumann ("Grave Decisions")

Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer ("Perfume -- The Story of a Murderer")

Chris Heyne ("I Am The Other Woman")

Best Sound Design:

Richard Borowski, Fabian Schmidt, Kai Storck, Andreas Woelkl ("Emma's Bliss")

Stefan Busch, Dirk Jacob, Michael Kranz, Frank Kruse, Matthias Lempert, Hanse Warns, Roland Winke ("Perfume -- The Story of a Murderer")

Joerg Hoehne, Robin Pohle, Andreas Ruft ("Four Minutes")