Period drama says 'Gracias' to Miramax


Miramax has signed on for "Muchas Gracias, Bob Oppenheimer," a period romantic drama that will be produced by Mark Gordon.

The film centers on an American serviceman in the 1960s who is sent on an appeasement mission to a fishing town in Spain after a U.S. military plane crash results in the accidental detonation of four hydrogen bombs.

The project draws from the true story of Palomares, Spain, where in 1966 an American B-52 bomber crashed and released more than 1,000 tons of nuclear material.

Television series creator Bob Dolan Smith ("Grace Under Fire") wrote the first draft of the screenplay, with a new draft being written by the UTA-repped Daniel Taplitz. Taplitz is penning the intergenerational drama "Man on a Train" for Miramax and recently signed on for the Overture mortality comedy "92 Minutes."

Gordon and his shingle's Josh McLaughlin will produce, with the company's Lindsey Liberatore shepherding the project; Lauren Levy is overseeing for Miramax.

Miramax has several period movies with military themes on its slate, including the World War II coming-of-age tale "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." (partialdiff)