Perry Ellis Elevates Menswear With Architecture-Inspired Lines

Perry Ellis Fall Runway - H 2016
Courtesy of Perry Ellis

Designer Michael Maccari presented the fall collection to the likes of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Colin Jost, who enjoyed a front row view.

"It was an emotional roller coaster," Cuba Gooding Jr. told Pret-a-Reporter of playing the titular character twenty years later in American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. "And it was one of those roles that took several months to let it go from my psyche."

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At the Perry Ellis fall 2016 men's show — which occurred the day after the much-anticipated series premiered — Gooding was standing in front of his seat as photographers' flashes went off around him. Sharply suited and sporting mirrored shades, he added, "I hope people find some truth in it."

PERRY ELLIS GANG: From left - SNL's Colin Jost, NFL star Eric Decker, and Cuba Gooding Jr. (Photo: Getty Images)

But then it was showtime and, along with the rest of the audience, including a smartly besuited Colin Jost from SNL a few seats down in the front row, Gooding saw a parade of male model-dom's best in swaggering overcoats, the best in a soft brown shade called "otter." They were a rousing call back to the "very Perry" original groundbreaking style of the company's founding designer in the 1980s.

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Now helmed by creative director Michael Maccari (and styled by celeb men's stylist Michael Fisher, who's also busy dressing Bryan Cranston this award season) the signature PE style was updated with striking multicolor grids of horizontal stripes that the designer likened to abstracted landscapes, which were inspired by the mid-century paintings of famed American artist Richard Diebenkorn.

Widely admired in the tight-knit menswear industry, Maccari got a warm sustained ovation for his effort.