Peruvian director Armando Robles Godoy dies

Lima film fest to honor Peruvian cinema's patriarch Saturday

BUENOS AIRES -- Peruvian director and writer Armando Robles Godoy died of heart failure Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. in Lima, Peru's capital city.

Robles Godoy, who was reportedly in a very delicate state and suffering from complications after being hit by a car two weeks ago, went into cardiac arrest at the Hospital Rebaglatis Intensive Care Unit, where he had been transferred at the special request of president Alan Garcia, as Robles Godoy didn't have health insurance.

Born in New York in 1923, Robles Godoy was a prominent figure in the Peruvian cultural scene, and the first local filmmaker to gain international exposure. His films "En la selva no hay estrellas" (1967), "The Green Wall" (1969) and "Mirage" (1972) were the first three films in Peruvian cinema history to be nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award.

A key figure in the passing of one of the first film-addressed legislations during Peru's military dictatorship in 1972, he had been also very involved as a teacher, and was an influence on younger generations of film professionals.

The ongoing Lima International Film Festival has announced that it will include a tribute to Robles Godoy at its closing ceremony on August 14, in the Pedro de Osma Museum.