Free People Is PETA's Latest Target Screenshot - H 2015
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The organization is not pleased with the boho retailer's use of angora wool.

With large scale campaigns against companies like Hermes and PatagoniaPETA has been keeping busy lately.

And today, the organization revealed its latest target: Free People. The boho retailer, which is owned by Urban Outfitters' parent company, is under fire for its use of angora wool. PETA is launching a new campaign against the brand and calling on its supporters to encourage Free People stop using the material altogether.

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The organization recently conducted an independent investigation into production practices in Asia, and claim to have found that methods are inhumane. According to PETA executive vp Tracy Reiman, angora wool "is the product of cruelty to animals and that rabbits suffer immensely — and even scream in pain — as the fur is violently ripped from their sensitive skin." 

Several other retailers like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger as well as Free People sister brand Anthropologie, have stopped using the material. However, Free People doesn't seem to be phased by the reports. While promoting their newest collection of fall knits, the brand proudly advertises its selection of "wondrous wool."