Peter Bogdanovich Joins Supernatural Thriller 'The Healer' (Exclusive)

Peter Bogdanovich

The director will play a character inspired by the Greek ferryman Charon in the movie, starring Isabelle Fuhrman and Joel Courtney.

Peter Bogdanovich has joined the cast of the supernatural thriller, The Healer, playing a mysterious character inspired by Charon, the ferryman in Greek mythology who carries souls across the River Styx.

Written and directed by Giorgio Serafini, the film stars Isabelle Fuhrman and Joel Courtney as teenage twins who go on a camping trip with their father, played by James Le Gros, only to become lost in a haunted forest.

The movie, which begins filming in North Carolina on Sept. 14, is being produced by Giuseppe Pedersoli and Susan Johnson through Pedersoli’s Italy-based Smile Prods.

Although best known as a director, Bogdanovich, repped by Abrams Artists, Original Artists and Management Production Entertainment, makes frequent appearances before the camera as well, with acting gigs in such recent films and TV series as Humboldt County, The Sopranos and Infamous.