Peter Capaldi: 'Doctor Who' Showrunner Steven Moffat As Big As "Sting or Bono" in Mexico

Jenna Coleman, Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat 'Doctor Who' TV series photocall, Mexico City, Mexico, Aug. 16, 2014

Mexican Whovians couldn't get enough of Moffat during the 'Doctor Who' world tour earlier this year

Despite playing the Time Lord himself, Peter Capaldi is in no doubts that Steven Moffat is the real star of the Doctor Who, at least in Mexico where the franchise showrunner was met with chants of "Moffat! Moffat! Moffat!"

Capaldi, reported the Radio Times on Friday, reveals that Moffat is the primary object of Mexican Whovians affections on Earth Conquest, a 45 minute film that documented the Doctor Who World Tour that kicked off the eighth season since the 2005 re-launch of the long-running BBC sci-fi drama. 

"[W]e went on stage in Mexico and [the reaction to Moffat] was like Sting or Bono," says Capaldi after earlier saying that Moffat plays down his popularity despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary. “He’s always getting pulled into photo-shoots with us and saying ‘Oh, no one’s interested in me.’"

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Jenna Coleman, who plays the Doctor's companion Clara Oswald, also illustrated how popular Moffat is in Mexico: “Steven is more popular here. I went outside the hotel yesterday to sign [autographs], and they were like ‘Where’s Moffat?! Where’s Moffat?!’"

Moffat's popularity in Mexico may also be in part for his role as co-creator and scripter for the BBC's other global smash Sherlock. In the video, some Mexican fans of Moffat are interviewed and asked to explain their love for him. “We all in Mexico adore, admire, Steven Moffat, because he’s a hell of a writer,” gushes one fan, in charmingly broken English. “We all love to him to play with our feelings.”

Earth Conquest is a part of a number of DVD extras for the Season 8 box-set.

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