Peter Dinklage, Elle Fanning Think Reed Morano Should Direct WB's 'Supergirl'

Mike Makowsky Peter Dinklage Reed Morano Elle Fanning at 'I Think We're Alone Now' - Getty - H 2018
Desiree Navarro/Getty

Rumors that Morano is on the studio’s shortlist had the 'I Think We’re Alone Now' team buzzing on Wednesday night at the film's premiere.

The stars of Reed Morano’s new feature I Think We’re Alone Now know that at this point in time, it’s just Hollywood grapevine gossip, but were Warner Bros. to tap the Handmaid’s Tale Emmy winner to direct their forthcoming Supergirl outing with DC Comics, Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning are on board.

“I just heard about it today, but stranger things have happened out of rumors. Could be fun to start rumors and make a movie!” Dinklage said Sept.12 at the New York premiere of I Think We’re Alone Now, adding that, “Reed is just a beautiful cinematographer and director.”

Fanning, who signed on to the post-apocalyptic indie drama in part because of Morano’s involvement, said she and the cinematographer-director have been jokingly raising their arms in the super heroine’s famous flying position since they got wind of the possibility.

“Reed is someone who is so inspiring when you watch her, just her abundance of artistic talent and how she can juggle so many things … I’m open to [her directing Supergirl], sure!”

It was announced last month that Warner Bros. is currently developing a Supergirl film with Oren Uziel writing the script centered on Superman’s cousin. The studio is currently not developing any Superman releases with Henry Cavill, and priority is reportedly turning to his female counterpart.

Speaking with Morano about the possibility of taking helm of the project, she, too, clarified that there have been no calls with WB, but that she is interested in the prospect.

“I don’t know if it’s really a thing, [but] I like the idea of doing something new every time, so I don’t say no to any idea,” she said. “I’m always thinking [how] I can bring something new to the table that still feels authentic to the story, not [doing something] just for the sake of doing something new. But if there’s a reason for me to do [Supergirl] in particular, then I would like to do it.”

Bringing something new to the table, Morano explained, is also why she came onboard I Think We’re Alone Now in the first place. Written by Mike Makowsky and co-produced by Dinklage, the film is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth where the quiet and reclusive Del (Dinklage) believes he’s the only living person left — until the loud and bubbly Grace (Fanning) inexplicably comes crashing into his life, irreparably disrupting his solitude.

“It’s a relationship movie pretty much just set against the apocalypse,” Morano says of the Momentum Pictures release, out Sept. 21. “I think people come to a movie like this and they have certain expectations that are set up for them, and what I really was drawn to about the story were the things that are controversial about it, which are that it’s told in a different way. What happens to the people who are not the problem-solvers after the apocalypse: just two regular people? [It doesn’t] answer all the typical questions the way you do in an apocalyptic movie.”

Fanning compared Grace and Del’s relationship to another famous pairing — “Harold and Maude is one of my favorite movies, and it felt very Harold and Maude to me, the relationship between the two characters”—while adding that Grace allowed her to be herself on-camera. “She’s a little silly and wacky and out there, so I got to bring myself. I think she’s the most like Elle — me —that I’ve ever played in a character, so Reed really allowed me to bring out my crazy side and just have fun with it.”

It’s a creative partnership that both women said they’d like to revisit. Fanning, positing that she’d like to direct one day, enthused that she “learned so much” working with Morano, and that “hopefully she’d DP my movie if I do one.” Speaking further on the possibility of Supergirl, Morano revealed how some have said that Fanning herself may be a good candidate for the titular role: “I was joking around with Elle because somebody had mentioned, ‘Oh, Elle Fanning would be a great Supergirl with Reed Morano!’”

But whether or not that’s ultimately in the cards, Morano assured that she’d like a reunion with Fanning “either way.”