Peter Farrelly on Working With Brother Bobby: "He Always Makes Things Better"

The two refused to take a credit for their first produced screenplay. "We put our brother-in-laws' names on," Peter told the Writer Roundtable.

Peter Farrelly stepped out on his own to direct Green Book, but he told The Hollywood Reporter's Writer Roundtable that he does wish his brother, Bobby Farrelly, could have been involved.

Known as one half-of directing duo the Farrelly brothers (There's Something About Mary), Peter set out to direct 2018's Green Book, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, without brother Bobby, saying, "The truth is, my brother had a tragedy in his immediate family, a big one [Bobby's 20-year-old son died in 2012], and he had to step away. He needed time."

"But believe me," Farrelly continued, "this movie would have been better if my brother were involved. He always makes things better. I miss working with him."

"We only started directing because we had a movie made. We loved the script. I don't want to name it. It was so horrible, we left our names off it. We'd been out here nine years when we finally had a movie made and were like, oh no. That's not our movie," Farrelly said. "We put our brother-in-laws' names on."

"I remember my agent saying, 'Are you crazy? You have zero credits. Get a credit. It's a studio film.' I said, 'I'd rather die with no credits than have that as my only credit.' The next movie that we were on, Dumb and Dumber, when we went in the room and they said, 'Who's directing?' We said, 'We are.' No one questioned it."