Peter Fernandez, voice of 'Speed Racer,' dies

Also directed voice cast and wrote lyrics to theme song

Peter Fernandez, who voiced the title character in the 1960s animated "Speed Racer" TV series, died Thursday of lung cancer. He was 83.

Fernandez also provided the voices for Speed's brother Racer X and several other characters in the English-dubbed adaptation of Tatsunoko's "Mach Go Go Go" series, according to the Anime News Network. He directed the voice cast and wrote the lyrics to the signature theme song ("Go Speed Racer, Go!") as well.

Fernandez later played Lupin III, Daisuke Jigen and President Jimmy Carter in the JAL dubbing of the "Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo" (1978). His voice also can be heard in such dubbed anime titles as "Astro Boy," "Gigantor" and "Marine Boy," and he made a cameo appearance in the 2008 live-action "Speed Racer" film from Warner Bros.

Fernandez appeared in the 1949 film "Cry Across the RIver" and in the early TV series "Captain Video and His Video Rangers."
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