Peter Ho-Sun Chan Receives Achievement Award at Asian Film Festival of Rome

The Chinese filmmaker is being honored with a retrospective of 10 works shown through the festival.

Chinese filmmaker Peter Ho-Sun Chan received the Achievement Award during the Asian Film Festival of Rome. He was presented with the honor during the festival’s opening night at the Reggio Emilia.

The Hong Kong director is also being honored with a retrospective of 10 works shown throughout the festival until it closes on Saturday. Films selected include 1996’s Comrades: Almost a Love Story, 2005’s Perhaps, Love, and 2007’s The Warlords. The latter two films have been critically- and commercially-acclaimed, with both setting records for box-office grosses and Perhaps, Love for awards.

On Sunday, he was featured as a guest speaker in a seminar dedicated to his works and Asian cinema.

In addition to directing, Chan has also worked as a producer since 2000. His production company, Applause Films, is dedicated to co-productions across countries aimed at Asian audiences.

He directed and produced his latest film, Wu Xia (Dragon). It premiered last month at the Cannes Film Festival to glowing reviews and was picked up for U.S. distribution by The Weinstein Co.

The film opens in Asia on July 4, and stars Donnie Yen. Yen and Chan last worked together on 2009’s Bodyguards and Assassins.