'Pete's Dragon' Trailer: Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford Meet a Dragon

Pete's Dragon Screenshot H 2016
Screenshot/Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

Get ready for Elliot.

In the new trailer for Pete's Dragon, we meet Elliot. He's a fierce and loyal friend, who loves the outdoors and also happens to also have a 30-foot wingspan. 

Elliot is the eponymous dragon in the Disney feature that is based on the 1977 live-action/animation of the same name and follows the story of Pete, a boy orphaned in the forest for six years and survives thanks to his best friend, a dragon.

Ain't Them Bodies Saints director David Lowery helmed the fantasy-adventure that stars Bryce Dallas Howard as a forest ranger and Robert Redford as her wood-carving, dragon-truther father. 

"Who's Elliot?" Howard asks, in the spot. The later half of the trailer is dedicated to introducing to viewer to Elliot, showcasing the massive CG dragon as he soars over forests of the Pacific Northwest.   

Pete's Dragon flies into theaters on Aug 12.