Petition Launched to Name Manhattan Corner After Beastie Boys

Phil Andelman

The man who wanted to name a Brooklyn corner after The Notorious B.I.G. is now campaigning to name the Lower East Side corner where the "Paul's Boutique" cover was shot after the iconic hip-hop trio.

A petition has been launched in Manhattan to honor the Beastie Boys by naming a Lower East Side corner after the rap trio.

LeRoy McCarthy, the same man who unsuccessfully petitioned a community board earlier this year to name a Brooklyn corner for the late rapper Biggie Smalls, is now asking Manhattan's Community Board 3 and New York's City Council to name the intersection of Ludlow Street and Rivington Street, where the cover of 1989's Paul's Boutique was shot,"Beastie Boys Square."

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McCarthy's petition reads:

The Beastie Boys are: Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz, and Adam "MCA" Yauch (RIP). Aside for spanning genres of music over their 30+ year career, Beastie Boys, along with RUN DMC, were pioneers in expanding exchanges culturally in NYC, and worldwide.

The second album from Beastie Boys, Paul's Boutique was photographed at the intersection of Ludlow Street and Rivington Street. In the panoramic photograph it captured the vibrancy of the ever-changing life on the streets of NYC. The album, released July 25th 1989, was groundbreaking, and it encompassed these Boys from NYC, rapping about life and times from their point of view. Because of the album cover photo, and the Beastie Boys were ever-changing NYC artist, the location of Ludlow Street and Rivington Street would be a great place to honor Beastie Boys with a corner co-naming.

The petition was launched in September and so far has 234 supporters. Via the Beastie Boy Square Facebook page, McCarthy said he would be presenting it to the Community Board 3 Manhattan in January.

As DNAinfo New York reports, the 46-year-old McCarthy is a film location scout who previously worked for a record label in Atlanta. He said his signatures include eight of the nine businesses on Rivington Street between Ludlow and Essex streets and many of the apartments on the block. 

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"When Adam Yauch passed away, people came here for three or four days putting candles and flowers out, taking photos, really mourning his death," said Vicky Dalva, who manages and co-owns the wrap joint that now sits at the Paul's Boutique corner, to a local news outlet. "At least one person comes in each week asking if it's Paul's Boutique."

This past summer, a park in Brooklyn Heights was renamed after Yauch following his death last year. Band members Yauch, Horovitz and Diamond all grew up in New York City.