Petra Muller named head of NRW Film Board

Germany's richest film subsidy body

COLOGNE, Germany -- The Filmstiftung NRW, Germany's richest subsidy body, on Tuesday finally confirmed the worst-kept secret in the German film industry: Petra Muller will take over as NRW boss on August 1.

Muller has been head of Berlin's Medienboard since 2004, where she used subsidy coin to build up the city's cinema infrastructure. Some of the flagship productions shot in the Berlin region during her tenure include "Inglourious Basterds," "The Reader" and "Valkyrie."

Now Muller will try and do the same at NRW. At the Filmstiftung, she will oversee an annual subsidy budget of €32 million ($43 million), cash she hopes will entice high-end productions to shoot in the western German state.

Cologne-based studio MMC could be one main benefactors of the Muller strategy. The studio has positioned itself to be a local version of Berlin-based Studio Babelsberg: a go-to service provider for big budget features.
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