Petra Nemcova Speaks Out on 'Dancing With the Stars' Elimination

Adam Taylor/ABC

“I believe that what’s happening is that something new and beautiful is beginning,” she says.

Petra Nemcova isn't bitter that she was eliminated from Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night.

“There is a reason for everything in life," she told reporters after the show. "I believe that what’s happening is that something new and beautiful is beginning."

She said she'd achieved what she wanted to: raising awareness for her charity, the Happy Hearts Fund, a nonprofit that offers support and education for children in natural disaster areas. (She was inspired to start it after her boyfriend died in the 2004 tsunami.)

"I came here to raise awareness about Happy Hearts Fund. That has been achieved. So many more people know about Happy Hearts Fund and the work we do to rebuild the lives of children after natural disasters," added Nemcova, who was in the bottom three lowest-score receivers Mondsay with partner Dmitry Chaplin.

"Today, which kind of surprised me a little bit, Dmitry was saying that some people were saying that I talk about Happy Hearts to get votes,” she said. “That hurts because it’s not true. It’s who I am. Happy Hearts is my life. It’s not to get votes, so that’s maybe something that didn’t translate completely.”

“It’s so sad,” said Chelsie Hightower, Romeo’s partner, of Nemcova going home. “You never know what is going to happen on this show. It’s all about America’s votes. She is such an amazing person. And I found out that she actually came on this show just to promote her Happy Hearts charity. And she dedicates 90 percent of her time to that charity. She is such a great role model.”