Peyton Manning Mocks Eli's Super Bowl Face on 'Tonight Show'

Manning Tonight Show - H 2016
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

The QB stuck up for his bother before he and Jimmy Fallon made fun of him.

Denver Broncos star quarterback Peyton Manning stopped by the Tonight Show on Wednesdayand it got a little messy.

The Super Bowl 50 champ played a game of egg Russian Roulette with NBA legend Magic Johnson, but before that, he poked fun at his brother, Eli.

Eli, quarterback for the New York Giants, was mocked over social media after he was shown on TV Sunday during the game as the only one who was not cheering a Denver score in the family's suite. 

The 39-year-old Peyton stuck up for his bother to a point, saying he was likely internalizing the game, as any QB would, but then both Peyton and host Jimmy Fallon made fun of the incident, talking to a cardboard cutout version of Eli from that exact moment. 

Manning later played a game of egg Russian Roulette with Johnson, all three men in hysterics over yolk flying everywhere as the players unknowingly slapped a raw egg on their head.

The first player to slap two raw eggs on their head, among some hard-boiled ones, was the loser. It got pretty messy for both men.