Peyton Manning Rebukes Doping Accusations During Super Bowl Media Day

Manning Media Day - H 2016

"It's been completely fabricated, what that story alleged I did."

With an enormous throng of reporters around him, Peyton Manning on Monday night once again denied doping allegations while speaking at Super Bowl 50 Media Day. 

"I know exactly what they are going to find, a big fat nothing because I know the rules. I respect the rules and regulations of the NFL. They're important to me," Manning said when asked about the NFL's investigation into a report by Al Jazeera.

"It's been completely fabricated, what that story alleged I did," the Denver Broncos' quarterback continued. "Compete junk, and that's what I have to say about that." 

Al Jazeera aired a documentary in December, The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers, that allegedly exposed a doping ring involving major athletes, including Manning. An irate Manning immediately denied those allegations and even considered bringing legal action against Al Jazeera

Not long after news broke in January that Al Jazeera America is shutting down, Manning made a joke at the channel's expense.

“I’m sure it’s going to be just devastating to all their viewers,” Manning quipped.

AJAM wrapped 2015 with a mere 7,000 average primetime viewers in the news demographic of adults 25-54, essentially a scratch. 

On Monday, Manning said he welcomed the NFL's investigation into the claims from the network because he had nothing to hide. 

The Broncos will face the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7 in San Francisco's Levi's Stadium.